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1 CRORE THANK YOUS FOR YOUR TWO THUMBS UP ! #AxisBank #DilSeOpen #AxisBank #DilSeOpen

Posted on : 23 Aug 2022

"I am very happy to have a banking relationship with my branch -Wilson Garden Branch, Bangalore . Every time I come to the branch, I am greeted with a big smile. The security guard helps me climb the stairs, the office boy brings me hot water, and the staff gives me personal attention as they help me with banking transactions. At 88 years of age, seeing love and affection like that is really touching, especially when it's paired with good customer care. All the best!" S.Venkateran Axis Bank Customer, Wilson Garden Branch, Bangalore #DilseOpen #DilseOpen

Posted on : 20 Feb 2020 6:33 PM

Proud to welcome our batch of #AHEAD Management Trainees 2020, ready to take on the journey of being #DilSeOpen. Ki... #AHEAD #DilSeOpen

Posted on : 30 Jul 2020

I have been an account holder in Axis Bank for nearly 10 years. My account is in the Indiranagar Branch. But recently, I visited the Sarjapur Road branch. There was a pooja in my house the next day, for which I needed INR5000 in denominations of new INR50 notes. But new notes weren't available that day and I had to make do with a bundle of old notes. About an hour after this happened, I received a very surprising call. She identified herself as Pooja Pandey from Axis Bank. Luckily for me, she'd found a bundle of new notes, and since I was looking for it earlier, she thought she should contact me and offer me the same. I was very much touched by this gesture. She got my account number from my cheque book and found out my registered phone number. It was clear that she had gone through a lot of pain just to get in touch with me. I went to the bank and got the new notes, much to the delight of my family members. And of course, I thanked her profusely. I am writing this to appreciate this young lady - Ms. Pooja Pandey - and the manager Ms. Madhumita who also assisted her in tracking me. I am truly touched by their act. We, as human beings, are so prone to write about lapses and deficiencies in service that we often forget to appreciate when a good act is done. I wish to commend these two ladies for their great service. Please do convey my gratitude to them. V Shankar Axis Bank Customer, Sarjapur Road Branch, Bangalore #DilseOpen #DilseOpen

Posted on : 25 Feb 2020 5:07 PM


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