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You've loved your city for a reason. We assure you, you'll find many more reasons to fall in love with us. From bus...

Posted on : 03 Oct 2022

On classified websites, beware of buyers who tell you that they'll make an online payment & then send you a QR code...

Posted on : 01 Oct 2022

Phishing is one of the most common ways people get scammed. Never click on suspicious-looking links. Axis Bank wish...

Posted on : 29 Sep 2022

When scammers phish their victims, one of the first things they do is get the SIM linked to their number. Steps lik...

Posted on : 02 Oct 2022

Scammers design 'Trojan' apps and programs that pretend to be helpful, but in reality steal user data, leaving it d...

Posted on : 30 Sep 2022

Get 10% cashback with SAMSUNG AXIS BANK Credit Cards on all Samsung products and services round the year. Speedy re...

Posted on : 29 Sep 2022

On Gandhi Ji's 153rd birthday, let's pay homage to his legacy by learning from his life and his teachings. ...

Posted on : 02 Oct 2022

Change tends to bring questions. But there are times it also brings wonder, unexpected surprises and opportunity. T...

Posted on : 30 Sep 2022

Vishers are out there to get your money. Axis Bank employees will never call you and ask you for your personal bank...

Posted on : 28 Sep 2022

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